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7th Annual Adams Street Zombie Crawl

Brains might be the food of choice for a zombie, but you’re gonna have to wash all those proteins down with something. We recommend alcohol. Assemble with zombie pals (in makeup and otherwise), and lurch (or run, if you’re one of those New Age zombies) out to the Adams Street Zombie Crawl, where thousands of

“What Comes First: Looking Good or Feeling Good?”

When we asked local professionals, we learned this question is harder to ask than answer. Sure, the conundrum doesn’t rival the chicken and egg mystery, but the inquiry hatched a truth: sometimes, the origins of personal development are unknown. We call it self-growth for a reason— some things are best nurtured in pairs. So, whether

2016 Dining Guide Awards

Hunger pains— especially when your food options are limited. Even in a city with so many restaurants, bars and coffee shops, humans are still creatures of habit. Want to try something new? Discover the best charcuterie, great lunch specials, gluttonous mac n’ cheese, stiff drinks and more by sampling our readers’ picks. Power Lunch Georgio’s

Toledo According to Glass City Pedicabs!

How Maxwell and Stephanie Austin fills up their Glass (City) Name: Maxwell Austin Age: 39 Toledoan since: 1998 Occupation: Owner of Glass City Pedicabs and Glass City Pub Cycle Name: Stephanie Austin Age: 33 Toledoan since: 1983 Occupation: Graphic Designer and Owner of Glass City Pedicabs and Glass City Pub Cycle If we need to buy a

Drones Over Lake Erie, Algal Foam & Chromium 6

The Environmental Working Group released a report that found toxin Chromium 6 in 30 Northeast Ohio water systems. (The toxin was made famous by Erin Brockovich.) reported that Ohio EPA director Craig Butler responded to the Environmental Working Group report by saying, “They are manufacturing a concern in the State of Ohio where none