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Holiday Wish list

You made your list, you checked it twice— and you still forgot to grab a few last minute presents. It’s OK! You aren’t alone. Not even Santa hits 100%. Fortunately, you still have time. Pick the perfect present by browsing these local offerings to find something unique that supports your community. So, sit back, relax,

Welcome to 2017: Over 20 ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve

Young or old, fun or grinchy, in NW Ohio, there’s always something to do on New Year’s Eve. We treat the holiday like a fine wine— sip it until no one is looking and then take big gulps. Fortunately, there is plenty of sips in the form of family-friendly events and gulps— with nightclub parties

Sign Language: 2017 City of Toledo Forecast

Everybody and everything has a birthday. The City of Toledo was a merger of two villages on January 7, 1837. We use noon as its time of birth. This gives the city the sign of Aries on the horizon indicating that it starts a lot of things it doesn’t finish (like picking up leaves). It