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Top Docs and Wellness Champs

As the story goes, an apple a day can keep the doctor away, but these health and wellness professionals offer more for their patients. Want to get in tip top shape? Listen to the advice of these pros.

Cinco de Derby In The 419

With the Derby on deck this Saturday, May 5, the unofficial day drinking holiday is off to the races against the tequila-fueled fun of Cinco de Mayo. Will a cool mint julep give the good ol’ margarita a run for its money?

Check Your Skin With Free Local Cancer Screenings

As much fun as we like to have at Toledo City Paper, we also recognize the seriousness of of maintaining our health, both personally and as a community. The entire month of May is nationally recognized as Skin Cancer Awareness Month.

The Future Looks Fast With Hyperloop

The future looks fast. Currently under development by a handful of companies, the Hyperloop™, a concept human and cargo transport system to be powered by the sun and to move at the speed of sound.

Culinary Mavericks

We asked Toledo area chefs who love to cook about their favorite dishes. Read on to learn about some big kitchen moments for these culinary mavericks.