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Toledo Irish American Club Educates, Provides Entertainment

Whether you want to honor your Irish heritage or learn more about Ireland and Irish American history, the Toledo Irish American Club is there to help.

The Toledo Irish American Club works to connect those living in the Toledo area with Irish ancestors or those who are interested in studying Ireland and its history and culture. The club meets to discuss Irish music, literature, dancing and sports.

Throughout the year the club hosts several events including live music, dancing and Irish cuisine. They recently teamed up with Buffalo Rock Brewing Company for the St. Paddy’s Day Bash, which featured a special performance from Ardán Academy of Irish Dance. Follow the Facebook page for upcoming events.

The club encourages anyone who loves Ireland to join. “You don’t have to be Irish, you just need a love for the culture,” the website states.

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Becoming a member is simple and easy: Just pay the $25 annual membership fee and you will receive a free t-shirt. Visit the website to sign up for the club. Members can also purchase other club merch to represent the club, including t-shirts, hoodies, koozies and more.

The club was founded in 1993 by John Connolly, Phillip Eaton and Colleen LaPlante. The club ran successfully for several years, hosting many events throughout Toledo including the annual Irish Summer Festival, until taking a hiatus from 2008 to 2017. In the fall of 2017, Kelly Zawierucha, who is now the club’s president reinstated the club and began hosting events in Toledo again. 

For more information on the Toledo Irish American Club, visit

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