Toledo City Podcast Episode 3

. March 14, 2019.
Toledo City Podcast

Three Shots at the Truth with The Basement Geekeasy’s Nerd-tastic Founders

Continuing our mission of sharing very important conversations with some of Northwest Ohio’s most interesting people, the Toledo City Podcast is back for Episode Three!

Toledo City Paper Assignment Editor Athena Cocoves travels to The Basement, Toledo’s underground geekeasy, for an emotionally gripping gameshow format with contestants comprising the nerd-tastic bar’s owners Steve Wherry and Richard Culbertson.

Athena’s “Three Shots at the Truth” takes listeners on a Q&A odyssey that spans animal fails, Romani Facebook groups and embracing our impending AI robot overlords. There’s also a super niche Media Play reference.

Enjoy this episode of the Toledo City Podcast, presented by Toledo City Tix.

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