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JC’s Comics N’ More: Your Pop Culture Super-Store

The colorful, beautifully illustrated pages of comic books are a source of joy, comfort and entertainment. Despite ubiquitous new media, comics remain an impactful medium. From superheroes, to the funnies, to artfully-crafted graphic novels, comics have an ability to delight and captivate an audience. From this artform emerges a community which unites people from diverse walks of life.

Since 1985, local comic book destination JC’s Comics N’ More has allowed owner James Collins to express his passion for comics.

Humble Beginnings

“I’ve always read comics,” said Collins, “My dad always had comics, so my earliest memories of comics are certainly good memories.”

In 1985, Collins purchased The Comic Stop on Hill Ave. “It came down to the very last place that I applied for a loan. If they hadn’t given me this loan, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

It was difficult in the early years, as the former owner took his customer base with him through mail order: “It was a very rough year, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it through the winter.”

Despite these challenges, Collins staked his entire livelihood and home on the shop. Over the decades, through devoted patronage and word of mouth, the shop has been a lively hub for Toledo comic lovers and memorabilia enthusiasts. “31 years later and here I am,” Collins adds.

Nerd mecca

JC’s Comics moved three years ago to St. James Plaza at Central and McCord. “It certainly was a very good move.” With new location conveniently located near other specialty hobby stores, “I get people that come in from Checkmate Games or Video Game Underground, it’s nice having those two here also,” said Collins. “It makes this a nerd mecca.”

JC’s Comics N’ More has a spacious display of all things comic and comic memorabilia and any comic aficionado would enjoy browsing through the shop. The comics in the shop encompass all genres with a wide selection of collectible figures, as well as hobbyist supplies for aspiring comic artists.

Collectible Curiosities

JC’s finds collectible comics of a certain era. “[We get] a lot of older silver age key issues,” said Collins. “I’m always looking for older comics from the 1930s to the 1970s.”

As for his rarest comic? “I’ve had Amazing Fantasy #15, the first appearance of The Amazing Spiderman,” Collins said.

The Future

While comics are still popular, the market appears cyclical. “It’s becoming a much more narrow specialty market (again),” explained Collins.

JC’s Comics is a testament to the enduring art, storytelling and culture of comics.

11am-7pm. Monday-Tuesday and Saturday. 11am-8pm,
Wednesday-Friday. Noon-5pm, Sunday.
6725 W. Central Ave., 419-531-6097.

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