Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Girls Hub: Young Women Summer Program

During the month of June, Toledo is welcoming 15 women interested in STEM careers to become immersed in hands-on work or projects. During their time at this event, women will be taught how to use power tools such as band saws or miter saws, as well as the proper safety training to handle such equipment. There are a few things YOU can do to help out this cause:

Mentors: 20 individuals are needed who are already properly trained or knowledgeable about carpentry, construction, design work, etc.

Team Leaders: At least 10 individuals will be needed and required to be on site 1-2 days a week (5 or more hours available to help out).

Donating: If you don’t have time to give to this program and would rather donate, please visit  YWOT/GirlsHub

To go along with the leadership theme, Girls Hub included a famous quote by Xunzi in their flier for this event. “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” To follow this quote and elaborate more on leadership, apprentices are also going to be a big part of Girls Hub. 


The following three women are studying STEM related majors and have agreed to step in to be a part of something their younger selves would have loved.

Farah El-Nahal studied Political Science, Urban Planning, and Policy. Lily Hickey studied Biology, Chemistry, and Africana Studies and Sustainability. Finally, Shreya Bhoopathi studied Biology, Chemistry, and Neuroscience. All three of these women have something to bring to the community. Girls and women can better learn from and relate to them. 

Girls Hub runs from June 6th all the way until July 1st. This includes four sessions for young women ages 12-17, and apprentices are to be women ages 18-26. This program is something the community can use, as it brings light upon feminism and makes women going into STEM more confident- just as they should be.

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