Hope Olson’s Shelter in Place Exhibit Reflects Our New Normal

Homemade Mexican by Hope Olson.
Homemade Mexican by Hope Olson.

The current exhibit on display at Fuller Art House— Shelter in Place by Hope Olson— is a timely one. The Holland, Michigan artist is a master of capturing everyday life through vibrant colors and distorted shapes that give movement to still-life images. She draws inspiration from her love of interior decorating and historic architecture, along with depictions of life during bygone eras. 

Shelter in Place includes acrylic paintings like “Roberto’s Pizza” and “Homemade Mexican,” both still-life’s that capture the dinner scenes we’ve all become really accustomed to. Though there aren’t people present in either of these paintings, the scattered, half-eaten dinners reflect the controlled chaos of the pandemic; they share the human experience at a distance.

Other pieces have more focus on human movement. “Beach Access Closed,” for instance, is a cut-paper collage piece that shows people dressed in 19th-century garb climbing a fence, crossing a boundary to make their way to the water’s edge. 

Each piece has a colorful, dream-like quality that provokes questions about its subjects, making it a compelling collection to check out.

Shelter in Place is on display during gallery hours from now until Saturday, August 15. 10am-6pm. Tuesday-Friday. 10am-3pm. Saturday. Fuller Art House, 5679 Main St., Sylvania. 419-882-8949. View it virtually here.