Friday, October 7, 2022

Poppers – May 2022

Pinball and Pints? That’s HEAVY
Several area pubs and restaurants have embraced the “old school arcade” aesthetic, including Reset and DraftCade at Levis Commons. Now, HEAVY Beer Company’s own HEAVY Underground taproom has added their own fun and games with the addition of Mr. Wonderful’s Pinball Palace. Customers can enjoy classic arcade thrills with their pints as the Palace including tables based on The Simpsons, Apollo 13, Rush (featuring music from the band) and the undisputed best pinball table of all time, The Addams Family. (The preceding statement is the opinion of the editor, but it’s also the truth.)
1301 N. Summit St. 419-662-9521.

Listen— the margarita is one of the world’s most popular cocktails for a reason. But if that’s the only way you’ve been drinking tequila, there are so many more possibilities that you’re missing. The drink experts at Registry Bistro’s Craft Cocktail Workshops will expand your tequila horizons with their event on Thursday, May 19. “Tequila – Beyond the Margarita” will introduce other delicious cocktails that can be made with the agave beverage. Enjoy a full hands-on teaching experience and learn some history at Registry. $35. 6-7pm. 144 N. Superior St. 419-725-0444. 

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