Toledo Fair Housing Center fundraises to fight inequality

For 41 years, the Toledo Fair Housing Center (TFHC) has been dedicated to eliminating discrimination while ensuring equal opportunities for everyone seeking a home. The Center has investigated over 11,000 complaints and recovered over $27 million in damages, proving that TFHC battles discrimination with determination and purpose. Having high hopes of eliminating housing discrimination, the Center stays involved with the community, using education and fundraising events to combat inequality, while ensuring everyone has the ability to pursue the American Dream.

In anticipation of their annual fundraiser on Thursday, August 11, we look back at some of their most recent accomplishments.

Compensation for discrimination

The influence of TFHC has touch the lives of many Toledoans who have been unfairly discriminated against. They’ve helped locals like Altovise Cardell, who had experienced repeated harassment in her Oregon apartment. When notifying the property manager and the police of her predicament, nothing was done. Seeking help, she contacted the TFHC and they were able to reach a conciliation agreement, which included financial compensation for Cardell.

“This case perfectly illustrates why fair housing is so important. Ms Cardell made the move to Oregon because she wanted a better life for her family,” said Michael Marsh, President and CEO of TFHC. “Discrimination not only took a toll on her well-being, it prevented her from taking advantage of all the assets that community has to offer. When we protect housing choice, we empower individuals to pursue the American Dream.”

Fighting the long fight

The Center’s dedication to fight discrimination is unhindered by time, their determination knowing no bounds. In another case that took two years, TFHC succeeded in protecting the rights of a client with a disability. When attempting to rent an apartment with an assistance dog, Amanda Simpson and her young daughter were denied reasonable housing accommodation by Wassef Property Management, LLC, which qualifies as housing discrimination. “Fair Housing gave me a voice to stand up for my equality. Thanks to their knowledge, passion and commitment, I was not alone, and justice was served,” said Simpson.

Steps to education these property management companies was put into place, with the hopes that future discrimination will be stopped through awareness. “Education is one of our key functions at Toledo Fair Housing Center,” said Marsh. “We are willing and able to assist [housing providers] in identifying any practices that may serve as barriers for those with disabilities—or anyone. Eliminating these barriers ensures every person in our community has access to the housing they choose, and are therefore better positioned to access other available opportunities.”

Follow the yellow brick road

Don't forget your red shoes for Thursday's fundraiser. 


To help keep the Toledo Fair Housing Center’s fight alive, put on your red shoes and follow the yellow brick road to The Pinnacle in Maumee. With a low cost of one Hamilton, you can go ham and enjoy TFHC’s There is No Place Like Home fundraiser night, full of food and fun, all while donating to an important cause.

Witness the Wicked Witch of the West come to life, dive into raffle drawings, and sip on something tasty from the cash bar at this affordable and far reaching fundraiser. Fair housing should be made available to everyone and TFHC is making sure that it is. Everyone should be able to say, there is no place like home.

Thursday, August 11, 5-8pm.
Tickets are $10, available over the phone or at the door.
The Pinnacle, 1772 Indian Wood Cir, Maumee. | 419-243-6163 ext.123. |