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Bird’s Eye View Circus

Echoes They Left Behind on October 26

This is so much more than a typical circus performance. In Echoes They Left Behind, the Bird’s Eye View Circus balances elements of art, theater, dance, aerial acrobatics and tightwire in one incredible show about ghost stories, paranormal activity and more by students choreographed by instructors at Bird’s Eye View with guest performances from THE Modern Dance Co. “We have some pretty amazing ensemble acts prepared,” said producer-director and choreographer Erin Garber-Pearson.

“I was really honored when Erin asked me if I wanted to participate in this show because I thought the idea was super cool. It’s been fun to collaborate with all of the performers and see how their individual talents and strengths could work together to tell a story,” said Sara Hanlon, first time choreographer for Bird’s Eye View Circus. With 40 performers and 14 acts in all, performances include an aerial act about a haunted museum where the statues come to life, an aerial act about a coven of flying witches and an act about Frankenstein. “The act that I’ve been developing is inspired by Victorian Spirit Photography and ideas around spirits in limbo that have been conjured to communicate with the human world,” said Crystal Phelps, another first time Bird’s Eye View choreographer. Local artist Peg Whiting made sculptural costumes for the performers to wear while doing acrobatics.

This show is very different from the usual Bird’s Eye View shows as they solicited story submissions from the internet to incorporate into the performance, receiving upwards of 30 story submissions. One includes the story of a woman in white, summoned by a group of people who want to test their fate. “The woman in white is a recurring symbol in several of the stories that were submitted and we wanted to create an homage to these experiences,” Garber-Pearson said.

*Please Note* While this show is all ages, the performance explores themes that involve death, ghosts, monsters, and the afterlife, parental supervision is advised.

Saturday, October 26th | 7 pm
Collingwood Arts Center, 2413 Collingwood Blvd.
Tickets online, $12 | Tickets at the door, $15

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