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419 fashion and fiction

St. Ursula and BGSU Graduate Philana Boles left Toledo for the thrill of the big city and returns home to thrill at her new job, P. Marie Talent Management (after her first initial and middle name). Boles, also a published author and avid writer, knows the importance of attitude, professionalism, and having the confidence in yourself to follow through. Some experiences she brings back include: interning in Los Angeles on the set of NYPD Blue, working in New York as a development assistant for Spike Lee’s production company, working in media relations for GLAMOUR magazine, and publishing a best-selling novel on the first try. Boles returned to the Glass City to be with her family. But, opportunity was just around the corner.

Model mentor

“Once I got here, it was clear to me that I had come back for another reason,” Boles said. “I learned through my own writing that I had the strongest connection with kids. I focus on kids, teens, and young adults.”

Boles, who modeled for Jacobson’s when she was growing up, found that teenagers were asking her advice on how to get in touch with people and start a career when she moved back to Toledo. “No matter what you're doing, books, film, acting, TV, or modeling, it’s all about knowing the business end of it—knowing how to present yourself, hone your craft and your skills.

"I started giving young models advice because I am a loving, caring person. But, then I said You know, I could help you out more if I could be your manager,” she explained.

That was the start of the business which began with two clients and has increased each year—Boles now manages 23 models and actors. Her management firm holds workshops and photo shoots, and it has stellar representation from someone who sees business from multiple media and perspectives. “All the things I love to do . . . I want to make sure I am using them in my career,” Boles said. This year, she is hosting a Creative Writing workshop for kids and putting on P. Marie’s second annual fashion show on 419 Day (April 19) at the Toledo Zoo.

Her turn on the catwalk

In addition to running P. Marie Talent Management, Boles is writing a mystery series and employing her models to be the cover girls. She’s setting the stories in the fashion scene, and will also be compensating the models a percentage of every book sold.

“You have to know what you have to offer as a resource,” Boles said about the series. “There is an art to presentation.”

Get more information and register for writing workshops here or here.

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