Registry offers strolling dinner of Pinot & Pierogi

A delightful local dinner event will put a spotlight on two perfectly paired pieces of provisions: Pinot and Pierogi.

Registry Bistro will host a special Pinot & Pierogi Strolling Wine Dinner on Thursday, March 31 at 6pm. Featuring four curated dinner stations and five— yes, five— different wines, the event is sure to please the palate of practical picnickers. (Okay, enough of the alliteration.)

The recently-announced menu spotlights the variety of fare that can be made from the classic filled dumplings, including Crab Rangoon Pierogi, Pierogi Choucroute, Curried Potato and Pea Pierogis and Duck Confit Pierogi, each paired with a selection of pinot.

Created by area chef Erika Rapp, Registry Bistro offers a modern aesthetic while still giving a personable feel. In addition to events such as Pinot & Pierogi, Registry offers monthly Craft Cocktail workshops and currently hosts a special Spanish-inspired concept menu called “Registry Barcelona” on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Visit the Registry Bistro Facebook page for more information.

One of the more difficult varieties of grape to cultivate into wine, pinot noir is a grape native to Burgundy in France. Wines created from the fruit tend to have notes of cherries and strawberries when young, and often develop complex flavors as they age.

One of the world’s great comfort foods, pierogi are famously associated with Polish cuisine but most likely have their origins in Chinese cuisine and became popular in Europe during the middle ages. The word first appeared in a cookbook in the late 17th century, as pierogi became a staple of the Polish diet. And for the record, yes, “pierogi” is the plural— the singular is “pierog.”

Pinot & Pierogi will cost attendees $65 plus tax and gratuity to attend. Seating is limited, so you’ll want to reserve a seat as soon as possible. Call 419-725-0444.

Registry Bistro, 144 N. Superior St.

Photo by Karolina Kołodziejczak on Unsplash