Monday, June 5, 2023

How Notre Dame School is letting their light SHINE

This year Norte Dame School is hosting their SHINE Women’s Summit on Thursday, September 29th. The Shine women’s summit will he held downtown at the Valentine theater located on 410 Adams St.

This event sole purpose is to uplift, encourage, motivate, and inspire all women from all women from all walks of life.

“Empowering women has been a common thread in our ministries since the sisters of Notre Dame was founded in 1850,” said Sr. Mary Carol Gregory, SND Mission Advancement Advisor. “We are excited to launch this new program to inspire women in a way that meets the needs of our time.”

In the beginning of the event there will be multiple influenceable speakers such as Chrys Peterson, Emcee and Dr Mona Hanna-Attisha – known for her best-selling book What the eye don’t see and being the founder of Michigan State University and Hurleys Children’s Hospital Incitive in flint Michigan.

The event will also host some more local speakers such as: Amy Remer, a three- time cancer survivor, amputee, and motivation speaker.   Sr.Suzette Fisher – a women who for the last 30 years has women’s with mothers and children who have suffered with fetal alcohol syndrome. 

Allison Armstrong the Toledo Fire Chief and the very first female to take on this role in the city of Toledo. 

Wendi Huntley, the president of Connecting Kids to Meals, a none profit organization that fights childhood hunger.

Towards the end of the event, a cocktail hour will be held in the lobby from 5-6pm.

All proceeds of this event will be helping to fund the creation of a coalition will give the siters of Notre Dame an opportunity to work with other organizations.

“We hope to fill the room on September 29 with women from all walks of life and create a spirit of encouragement and empowerment. We can only imagine the goodness that will radiate throughout our community as the outcome of such a positive, powerful gathering,” said Kerri Rose-Rochelle Mission Advancement Director

All tickets are $60 and can be purchases either on the website at or by calling 419-242-2787. 

Come, learn and listen to wisdom these strong women have to pass on. 

Enjoy this networking event with women from all walks of life who are looking to Support, Honor, Inspire, Nurture, and Empower women in the community right where they are.

Enjoy the event!

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