Toledo Symphony Orchestra Welcomes Alain Trudel

. August 28, 2018.
Photo Credit: Courtney Probert
Photo Credit: Courtney Probert

Harmonious chords

Now in its 75th season, the Toledo Symphony welcomes new musical director Alain Trudel. With a long and brilliant career in the arts as a conductor, composer, and concert trombonist, Trudel began with TSO in July. As musical director, he is obligated to both the musicians and the audience. Trudel explains, “The daily job of being music director is about getting people enthusiastic about the orchestra and what it represents in our community. We have the ability to bring music and peace to people. . . the opportunity to disconnect from the rest of the world and spend some true quality time with yourself. The activity I particularly cherish is preparing our fine orchestra, making music together on stage, and sharing it with our public. It’s about the happiness we can bring and the moments that we share together.”

TSO plans a musical season, with fun family concerts, like this year’s Halloween “Spooktacular,” as well as Masterworks Concerts such as “Nordic Air,” for the cold in January, and the Pops Series, which welcomes Queen Latifah and others to perform with members of the orchestra. Trudel’s main programming focus is “…making sure that American—especially women composers—are increasingly performed on our main series concerts.”

Life as an artist

As a composer, Trudel has written and arranged countless pieces for film, television and radio, orchestras, chamber ensembles and theatre productions. Alain, himself a concert Trombonist, has been playing the instrument since he was 12 years old, growing up in Montreal. Trudel’s career often takes him abroad. “I just completed a 16-day tour of recitals and master classes throughout Europe—visiting Berlin, Rostock, Hannover, Amsterdam and Trossingen. I witnessed some great musicianship, and it is always a pleasure to perform in Europe.”

A season begins

The new director will be honored at a debut concert at the Peristyle, showcasing works sure to highlight Trudel’s impressive style, including Beethoven’s moving 5th Symphony. Alain had this to say about joining TSO, “I am incredibly fortunate to arrive in a situation where the organization has done fantastic work. We have a great team and fabulous players dedicated to the city. In this era of immediate gratification, it is good to have opportunities to take a moment to relent, be in communion, and share our humanity “live.”

Trudel’s Debut Concert:
8pm | Friday September 21 and Saturday September 22
$25-$60 | TMA Peristyle, 2455 Monroe St

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