The Weird and Wonderful Tim Korenich

Tim Korenich, a new presence in the Toledo music scene, has a unique and refined voice that blends crisp singer-songwriter folk-pop with delicate and precise instrumental textures. The 25-year-old is excited about his latest record “What a Weird Thing,” which exemplifies his distinctive style.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Korenich has made Toledo his home. After finding a job in the area, he decided Toledo would be a great place to settle. With a sound informed by eclectic folk, and indie influences like Death Cab for Cutie, Andrew Bird and Vic Chesnutt, Korenich crafts a sound both ethereal and heartfelt.

Coming to Toledo

Before relocating to Toledo one year ago, Korenich felt a sense of alienation from the Pittsburgh music scene, saying “It’s never really been something that jumped out and grabbed me.” After the move, Korenich got involved with local musician Dean Tartaglia and his label Nahcollective who agreed to put out his EP. Since then, Korenich has played at local venues, like The Ottawa Tavern.

“There are a lot of great musicians in Toledo. I’ve found a decent home for myself,” said Korenich, adding that he thinks that Toledo is an ideal city for creative people of all types, as well as “a good place for artists to cut their teeth and try different things,’”

The Sound

Korenich describes his music as stylistically diverse, but characterized by a candid approach.

“What I’ve done so far is pretty honest music, regardless of genre,” says Korenich. “A lot of the songs on both the EP and the record are very personal, so I think that sticks me pretty squarely in that singer songwriter camp.”

However, in songs like Darlin’, Korenich also infuses a bit of Motown influence. His songs are characterized by a delightfully minimalistic and precise instrumentation, which complements the moody, introspective vocals. Korenich takes great care to dial in his sound meticulously, while simultaneously delivering haunting and emotionally charged lyrics.

What a Weird Thing

Korenich’s new record, “What a Weird Thing,” was recorded between October and December of 2014. The record was produced by Steve Warstler and mastered by Zach Shipps, of the Electric Six.

“It was a really laid back kind of recording process,” says Korenich— a sentiment shared by everyone involved. “Normally, you have five people in there and everyone wants something to sound a certain way.”

Korenich says that, on the contrary, there was a lot of natural group consensus while recording. According to Korenich, people have responded very positively  so far. The record is coming soon on vinyl, Korenich confirms, “We have the test pressings and they sound pretty good.” The record will be available on vinyl around November 30.

Previous projects and future direction

Korenich’s new record is a departure from his previous “Change of Pace” EP. “That stuff was all soundtrack, background music for some of my friends’ indie films,” says Korenich.

According to Korenich, the new record soured without a need for each track to correspond to a scene. “Writing for cinematic type of stuff forces you to pay more attention to textures, trying to evoke a certain emotion.” This EP had a significant influence on “What a Weird Thing.”

Korenich says that “playing with textures and instrument timbres was something that I got from [recording Change of Pace] and it pulled into the singer-songwriter, two minute pop song type of theme.”

Korenich is an exciting part of the effort to vitalize Toledo’s music scene and make it a home for innovate, unique, creative musicians of all kinds.

To give his music a listen and hear his new record, check out his Bandcamp page and his Soundcloud page

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