Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Johnny Azari

Earlier this year, New York's most misunderstood transplant, "Johnny B" Azari, after stints with The Dirty Pearls and brooding post-punk outfit Electric black, released his latest solo LP, The Tropic of Entropy. The record comes in a brown lunch bag on an unmarked CD, and it is amazing—forty minutes of holy and poetic blues and alt-country with a sinister twist. These days, Johnny tours the country in a beat up van, and he's bringing his solo act to Third Space Records in Toledo. Fans of Tom Waits and Bob Dylan, don't miss this
opportunity to see one of modern music's best-kept secrets.

Friday, September 20, 7:30pm. $5. Third Space, B-Bop Records. 137 N Michigan St.
419-535-1234. Download Johnny's newest record (for free) at thetropicofentropy.com

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