Ida Mae opening for Willie Nelson and Alison Krauss

. August 5, 2019.
Photo Credit: Dean Chalkley
Photo Credit: Dean Chalkley

If you weren’t already planning on seeing headliners Willie Nelson and Alison Krauss this week at the Huntington Center, we’ve got one more reason why you shouldn’t miss it— Nashville duo Ida Mae, a British musical phenomenon made up of Chris Turpin and Stephanie Jean. Their debut Chasing Lights, produced by Ethan Johns, is an incredible marriage of Delta blues, rock, and punk that make for a unique listening experience. Turpin say,”As long as Steph and I have known each other, this is what we’ve done. Chasing Lights is a metaphor for everything we’ve been after, for tracing the footsteps of our heroes, for making a life and a living on our own terms.”

$28-248. 7:30pm. Huntington Center,500 Jefferson Ave., 419-255-3300. Purchase tickets at

Check out the music video “Reaching Out” to get a sample of Ida Mae’s talent.