Cassette Store Day Plays the Tapes—Culture Clash Goes Fast Forward

. October 10, 2018.


Cassette Store Day (CSD) began in 2013 in the UK as a promotional event for tapes, mirroring Record Store Day for vinyl, to set aside a day to promote the medium. To bring awareness to a semi-defunct, yet beloved, alternative audio format, Toledo’s Culture Clash will celebrate for the 2nd year with live performances, limited edition cassette releases along with door prize giveaways. So why celebrate decades-old technology?


Cassette tapes symbolize a return to the past when personal music selection had finite choices. Today, almost every song ever recorded is available online. Yet, there’s a calmness in limited selection, a peace in a collection comprised of old family purchases, thrift sale finds and, increasingly. new music releases available from touring bands. Some of that nostalgia is lost on a younger generation, and Cassette Store Day aims to brings attention to the value that tapes still hold in a time where non-physical forms of recorded music occupied our collective memory. What’s old is new again.

Bands from the Great Lakes Region that have recent cassette releases:
-Bliss Nova, “Light & Shadow”
-Heavy Color, “Arise You Spiritual Machine
-Frente Norte
-Red Sea Pedestrians, “Osiris”
-Lung, “All the King’s Horses”
-Kevin Morris Band, “I Love You”
-Seth Bernard
-Old West End Records/Ben Langlois, “3 Units of Weird Music”
-Josh Harlow “Submerser”
-The Go Rounds & Kansas Bible Company, “Twentynineteen”
-YES!! Amazing!!
-Mark Price, “Stand Steadfast”

Saturday, October 13 | 10am-6pm

Culture Clash Records | 4020 Secor Rd
419-536-5683 | | FREE