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Love The People: Ethical, Sustainable, Artist Driven Fashion

“What’s worth doing, is better done together,” that is the motto of Love The People, a local fashion brand owned by husband and wife duo Ro and Bree Wrozek. The pandemic sent them off the corporate path and Ro and Bree decided to pursue their dream of making ethical clothing, fashion that aims to reduce the negative impact on people, animals and the planet, that promotes loving all people wholly. 

Since launching in December 2021, Love The People has been featured in pop-ups at Toledo Night Market, Sylvania Red Bird Art District and Pure Barre Toledo. The brand has also received some national attention. Reflecting on the growth of the brand, Ro notes, “It’s been one of the biggest blessings. We’ve wanted to do this for over 10 years and to (be able) to follow your passion is everything.”

Love is the Legacy

Ro and Bree credit their best friends Brandon and Stephanie Paxton for giving them the strength to go after this dream. The Paxtons have also become collaborators. Brandon used his skills as a graphic designer to create the logo while Stephanie, a professional photographer, helped shoot promotional photos and lookbooks for the launch.

The lookbooks were created to communicate a message behind and each model is a real person with a real story. Regarding crafting Love The People as a holistic brand, Bree explains, “It was really imperative that people were loved from the creation of our garments to the customer experience to the community thereafter.” This led to the decision to create 100% fair trade garments with ethical manufacturers and artists.

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The designs featured in the Love The People’s collections honor all aspects of loving. For instance, the Tetování Tiger Tee represents that love is fierce and it often requires a struggle to endure. The Champion of the Dark Horse Tee embodies rooting for the underdog and being your own champion. And the Love Is The Legacy Tee is made in honor of Stephanie’s passing from ovarian cancer. Proceeds for the Love Is The Legacy tee are donated to the Legacy Fund to support Brandon and their daughter Eliza.

Pop-Up Life

Operating primarily as an online retailer and a pop-up shop can come with challenges but to Ro and Bree the ability to network anywhere and to be able to connect with people from all walks of life is invigorating. Not long after Stephanie’s passing, they were setting up shop in Sylvania when a woman who had just lost a daughter to cancer was drawn into the store. Upon making the connection, she was overcome but also grateful for the ability to share her feelings. Ro notes, “This is what Love the People is. The ability for you to feel safe and comfortable and loved.”

Another instance, at the Toledo Night Market, had a woman circle back to the pop-up multiple times throughout the night before committing to a purchase. When she came back to buy an item she said, “I want to buy something because I want to wear this feeling with me.” 

Weird and Wonderful

Ro and Bree agree that nothing could bring them back to corporate life. “This journey is weird and wonderful, we say it all the time.”  Looking to the future, they plan to expand their collections to include kids clothing, pants, flannels and belt bags. Although a brick and mortar location isn’t currently part of the plans, it may come in the future as a hybrid retail/community gathering space. For now, spreading the message of loving all people and exploring that through ethical fashion is more than enough for Ro and Bree.

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