Federal Inn: The Past In The Present

Immersion in history contributes to a lovely BnB experience

front facade view of the Federal Inn
The historic Maumee home was built in 1830 and contributes an authenticity to the experience of staying in its suites

There is more to a successful vacation than simply changing your location. Perhaps the hotel you selected isn’t quite the romantic environment you are looking for or your need for relaxation seems more like a need to retreat to a simpler time. A local escape from both time and place is The Federal Inn in downtown Maumee.

Now a bed-and-breakfast, The Federal Inn was built in the early 1800s. After many owners over the years, current proprietor, Katie Pettee, purchased the structure in 2021. “I renovated the house with a lot of help and encouragement from my family and friends,” explained Pettee, who has worked as an event planner and landscape architect. Her hard work transitioned the Federal Inn into a wonderful couple’s retreat, with a variety of historically-themed rooms to choose from.

Historical Hangout

bedroom suite containing windows, bed, chair, and bookshelves
Each of the suites at the Federal Inn are named for a previous owner of the home.

The origins of The Federal Inn trace back to 1830, where it was the childhood home of highly-decorated General Henry Ware Lawton. Over the last 200 years various families have lived in the home. The owners who preceded Pettee, the Heywoods, opened the house for historical tours over the past 40 years. The Federal Inn, under Pettee’s direction, in operation since July 2022, is a showcase for many aspects contributed by past owners. 

“I never imagined I’d be so lucky to own a house this old,” said Pettee, who bought the home in June, 2021. Renovations began shortly after the purchase and were completed last summer. “While in the depths of renovating, it would make me emotional to think of all the conversations, events, dinners, breakfasts, laughs, arguments and people who have lived their lives in this house.” Today, the stately home is available for others to make their own memories.

Renovations created three distinct guest rooms in The Federal Inn, each named after previous owners, such as The Lawton Lair and The Heywood Haven, to remind guests of the home’s history.  The bed-and-breakfast concept appeals to Pettee, who explained that “guests are getting that good ole fashioned hospitality, but with a quirk. Guests receive a complementary gourmet breakfast as part of their stay, as well as 24/7 concierge service by me, the live-in innkeeper.”

Must-See Maumee

Nestled in a neighborhood within walking distance of downtown Maumee, The Federal Inn is exactly the kind of place Pettee wanted to live. “Maumee has so much to offer out of town guests or staycationers. I love the walkability of the neighborhood, the friendliness of the neighbors, and the establishments in and around Uptown. A bed and breakfast felt like a fantastic way for guests to get an immersive experience of all the things Maumee has to offer.”

Also on offer at The Federal Inn are various events highlighting local healthy eating. For the summer months, dinners are planned with Chef Jacquelyn Jones, who owns local food business Solfood Collective. In May, Chef Jones hosted a Vegan Pop-Up dinner event, and on June 21 she will host a Summer Solstice dinner. On top of various events happening in downtown Maumee, there’s plenty to do when having a lovely stay at The Federal Inn.

219 E. Wayne St., Maumee. 419-206-2528. thefederalbnb.com.