Meals with Sol: Food Network chef Jaquelyn Jones brings food that heals to Perrysburg

Can food that’s “good” for you be tasty enough to transform bad cravings into better habits, and can that lead to even better health? Jaquelyn Jones, a Monroe native and chef featured on the Food Network, thinks so. She’s brought her vegan brand SolFood Collective all the way from L.A. to Perrysburg, Ohio, with a mission to help others experience the same benefits that changed her life.

In 2015 Jones was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, an autoimmune disease that, over time, can cause some of the bones in the spine to fuse.  With an inflammatory disease that affects movement, Jones was using a cane and a wheelchair. Her doctor prescribed medication but it didn’t help her condition.

When it was suggested she use chemotherapy, she declined, deciding instead to try using food as medicine to reverse her condition. Altering her diet paid off for Jones, who was able to shed her cane and wheelchair after six months while returning to activities she formerly enjoyed like hiking and yoga classes. 

“I’m living proof that food is medicine,” Jones said. Inspired by her own experience, Jones became a Certified Health and Wellness Coach as well as a vegan chef. Another dream came true when her SolFood Collective Truck was featured on season 10 of The Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race

From LA to the Midwest

Just over a year ago Jones moved back to the Midwest. When the pandemic hit, she started doing online cooking classes with most of her students residing in the Ohio/Michigan area. 

“I feel my services are needed in this area where there are only a few places that offer vegan options. In L.A., being vegan is easy, but here it’s more of a challenge. I am here to provide healthy, plant-based options and to help people who are seeking to use food as medicine,” Jones said.

In Perrysburg, Jones opened a vegan kitchen where she offers meal prep services as well as health coaching. Her meal prep service allows people to order as little or as much as they feel they need. 

Her vegan and organic menu rotates weekly. A recent weeks’ offerings included Strawberry Pistachio Salad made with strawberries, pistachios, coconut and spinach with carrot ginger dressing — a powerful anti-inflammatory good for immune and gut support; Lentil, Curry, Kale, and White Bean Soup; and Chocolate Peanut Butter Ganache for dessert. 

One of her specialties, named “Liquid Gold,” is a soft vegan cheese perfect for everything from nachos to veggies. This recipe was a standout on the Food Network, with chef and host Tyler Florence nicknaming it “crack sauce.” 

SolFood Collective’s website offers many resources to help you get started or to stay on track with better food and lifestyle options. Jones herself offers services like personalized meal plans, grocery tours and plant-based cooking. Digital books and programs are also available on the website. 

Mindfulness, Meditation and more

Jones also hosts wellness retreats that include meditation, yoga and a three-course, plant- based meal along with food education. Individuals can follow her on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on all the latest, or stop by Perrysburg famer’s market on Thursdays.

Jones stressed that all her products are things she uses daily and loves. “Education is huge, so having programs to teach people how to make recipes that taste wonderful and keep inflammation down is key.” 

Orders for food must be placed by Friday for pickup the following Tuesday at 5pm. Order food, books and other services at