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As I Travel Boutique

Mobile Fashion Boutique Turns Heads

The food truck revolution has exploded in the past decade, but imagine a truck that dished out trendy, affordable fashions instead of food. Zakiyyah Triplett turned this vision into a reality when she created the As I Travel mobile boutique in 2020. 

As I Travel is a “one-of-a-kind mobile boutique in a fully customized box truck with clear windows on each side and the back. The goal was to give [the boutique] the feel of a storefront, but fully mobile. This gives customers the opportunity to come in or window shop,” said Triplett. 

The inspiration for Triplett’s boutique-on-wheels stemmed from her love of travel and passion for trendy, but affordable boutique clothing. Triplett was born and raised in Toledo, but is an avid traveler. She’s been to 43 states and 27 countries. 

As I Travel’s owner, Zakiyyah Triplett, poses in front of her As I Travel mobile boutique donning a pale blue jumpsuit.
Credit: Photo courtesy of Zakiyyah Triplett.

“I always shopped boutique and wanted to dress in beautiful pieces of clothing. When I traveled, I wore a new boutique outfit every trip,” Triplett said. 

Her traveling experiences and love of fashion made the mobile boutique business a natural fit. Fashion driven from state-to-state in Triplett’s mobile boutique allows her to meet shoppers, continue her travel journey, and run a business without being stationed. 

Natural Fit

As I Travel’s merchandise comes from various carefully chosen vendors based in the United States. Triplett describes the style as “eclectic women’s apparel [with] chic, class, and attractive styles.” Sizes range from small to 3x. 

Prospective customers can also purchase and view the pieces online at AsITravelBoutique.com. Additionally, the As I Travel team keeps social media sites like Instagram and Facebook updated with new pieces on a weekly basis. 

Triplett and her sister, Sierra [Triplett], are the models for As I Travel. Sierra Triplett is dressed in the Cece denim dress. Credit: Photo courtesy of As I Travel Boutique.
The website and social media sites feature rompers, jumpsuits, dresses, tops, bottoms, and swimwear in vibrant blues, pale purples, and tropical designs. Each piece is named for the occasion, like a bright orange jumpsuit called “The Real Prize” or the “Long Story” denim set. Even though the fashion is boutique, the cost is not prohibitive. Prices range from $10-$120, with periodic sales. 


Fashion That is Driven

Triplett travels with her mobile boutique to pop-up events around the country, making the company’s tagline, Fashion That is Driven, a fitting one. 

“I love it because it clearly states to everyone exactly what the business is. My goal is to sell and deliver fashion that I and many others love,” Triplett said. 

As I Travel owner Zakiyyah Triplett modeling The Real Prize Jumpsuit. Credit: Photo courtesy of As I Travel Boutique.

She’s taken her truck to 17 states including Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, New York, California, and Texas. “My family, as well as local and long-distance supporters, are helping [to] make my goal a success. I couldn’t do it without them. Each of them plays an important role in my determination to succeed,” Triplett said. 

Triplett set up at various Toledo locations in the spring and summer of 2021, and she plans to return to Toledo in late spring or early summer of this year. “The set-up locations are still to be determined, but I will be sure to let everyone know on social media as soon as plans become official,” Triplett said. 

In the meantime, browse As I Travel’s latest fashions on social media and shop online at AsITravel.com.

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