The Brass Tacks On Coffee Quest 419

. May 2, 2018.

Drinking coffee doesn’t require a great number of rules, but May’s Coffee Quest 419 does pack a few. No worries, though— there are ONLY a few rules.

A number of local participating shops have brewed up a hunt that ends with a treasure, as well it should. At the journey’s completion, T-Town jewel Jupmode offers an original Coffee Quest 419 shirt, which we’re sure will be sported proudly by all true coffee-lovers.

Now for the (pretty simple) plan:

1. Beginning Tuesday, May 1, grab a punch card at your favorite shop.
2. Collect stamps from 12 of the locally-owned coffee shops participating in the Quest during the month of May and receive a stamp for each drink you buy. Note: Ten of the locations must be unique.
3. Once the punch card is full, take it to any participating shop and leave your contact info with them.
4. Claim your prize from Jupmode once they let you know when you can grab it.

Shops participating: Black Kite, Brew Coffee Bar, Claro, Dragon’s Roost, Flatlands, The Flying Joe, Glass City Roasters, Maddie & Bella, Plate One, Plate 21, Rustbelt, SIP Coffee.

You will drink coffee better in Toledo. Empirical data says it’s fact.