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UT Filmmakers Showcase returns after three year absence

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The University of Toledo’s (UT) Department of Theatre and Film is proud to announce the return of the Student Filmmakers Showcase in 2022. The showcase is set for Saturday, April 30, at 7:30pm at the UT Center for Performing Arts.This event is a celebratory screening of some of UT’s Film/Video majors’ finest work, selected for public presentation in juried competition.

Thanks to COVID-19, there has not been a Filmmakers Showcase hosted at UT since Spring 2019. The 2022 Filmmakers Showcase has accepted submissions from current and graduated film students, allowing those who were previously denied a Showcase during the height of the Pandemic a chance to show off their work. 

Student Outlook
The Showcase presents work from students in many different genres, such as experimental, narrative, animation and documentary films. For many of the Film/Video students, such as Chad Coulter and Ryan Gagnet, 2022 is the first year they have presented their work within the Filmmaker’s Showcase. 

Gagnet described it as, “A celebration of all of the effort and hard work students have put into their craft and the stories they are trying to tell. It’s a way to hopefully inspire students to continue working and hunting their craft.”

For Coulter, the goal is “To gain humbling, constructive criticism to help students grow.” Both students have expressed interest in the reactions they will receive over their work, as well being able to view and support the works of the other presenting Film/Video majors.

As for Jarrett Cunningham, a 2020 graduate of UToledo’s Film and Video program, this will be his second year presenting in the Showcase, as he had the unique opportunity of presenting his work in 2019, before the pandemic interrupted the annual occurrence of the event. 

“There is definitely something to be said about students seeing their work, especially for the first time, presented on a screen bigger than all of our phones,” Cunningham said. “And having a live audience to share such an intimate moment with is something that a comment section just cannot compete with.”

After attesting to how demoralizing the COVID-19 pandemic has been, Cunningham encouraged all interested students to consider submitting their films to every University of Toledo Student Student Filmmakers Showcase to come. 

“Many students have become discouraged during the pandemic,” he said. “Own up to and be proud of your work. The Showcase is like a dry run for all of the bigger showcases to come, and everyone has to start somewhere. If you feel you haven’t submitted your best work, write down what you want to improve, and know that it will get better.”

Tickets & Directions
2022 Student Filmmakers Showcase is estimated to run approximately 90 minutes with no intermission, and is open to all ages. There are no food or drinks allowed in the theatre and per UT Guidelines, there are no COVID-19 restrictions in place. However, masks are encouraged and there will also be many seats available for guests, so social distancing could be achieved if one desires.

All of the admission tickets for the event cost $5 and can be purchased here, with an allowed maximum of 10 tickets.

Parking on the UToledo campus is not free!
The location for the event is at the Center for Performing Arts on UToledo’s main campus, with parking for all attendees at Area 12, 1910 West Rocket Drive(Corner of West Towerview Boulevard). Hourly parking can be purchased on the ParkMobile Website or App. Click here for Map & Directions

Learn more about the Department of Film and Video on the University of Toledo website. 

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