Ishes with the Fishes

. September 13, 2017.
  • Protect the fish and other marine life that live in Toledo’s streams, rivers and ditches by signing up to participate in Partners for Clean Streams’ annual Clean Your Streams Day. Trash, fishing line, and other harmful debris will be picked up by a group of volunteers, starting at 8am on Saturday, September 23. Volunteer by Monday, September 18 at to join the project. Last year volunteers picked up over 26,000 pounds of trash. For more information, check out
  • As of print time, Lake Erie’s water quality is on “watch.”
  • The walleye and perch in Lake Erie aren’t biting lately and it doesn’t have anything to do with pervasive algae — turns out, it’s an absence of bait fish. The emerald shiner, a particularly potent attractor for area perch, seems to be in short supply in the Lake. Studies will be required to determine the cause of the depletion of the emerald shiner, but another of Lake Erie’s major problems is an overabundance of invasive species.
  • Scientists from the University of Buffalo have been testing the fish in the river connecting Lake Erie and Lake Ontario and finding high levels of antidepressants in the tested fish. The active ingredients from pharmaceutical antidepressants Zoloft, Prozac, Celexa and Sarafem have been found along with metabolites, which are byproducts of the drugs. It seems that the drug remnants are being excreted from humans and making it through the area wastewater treatments before being ingested by the fish. A lead researcher on the project called the bizarre issue a threat to biodiversity and declared this as reason for concern.