Wednesday, May 22, 2024

SEARED in Our Memory: A New Entry From the Sidelines Team

A newly opened steak and seafood restaurant on Alexis Road, just west of Secor Road, SEARED is a welcome addition to the West Toledo dining landscape. This new entry in the Toledo dining scene by Eric Sitter, known for area Sidelines,  inviting entry, lined with black and white, posterized photos of Toledo sites and landmarks welcomes patrons, beckoning one to enter a dining area with a classy vibe, boasting dark wood tones with seductive muted amber and yellow lighting, creating a warm and cozy feeling.

The 10 seat bar is reminiscent of Zacharya’s, the location’s prior occupant, and provides a welcoming focal point when entering the restaurant.  The dining area seats approximately 100 people with booths and tables, as well as a separate room for private gatherings of up to about 40.

Eric Sitter, who also owns and operates Sidelines Sports Eatery, Sidelines Italian Grille, Smokehouse 734, 734 @ The Yard and Brick House Commons in the area, explains, “It’s always been on the bucket list to open a locally owned steak and seafood restaurant in the area where I grew up. When Sidelines Italian opened, we had such a great response from our patrons that pushed us even more toward opening a steakhouse. When I found out the owners of Zacharya’s were retiring, I thought that was the perfect spot, and everything just came together.”

Variety and quality, a great combination

The menu offers an impressive variety, including appetizers, salads and while, especially welcome with the colder weather, soups include a rotating soup of the day (during our visit that was potato bacon), French onion soup, and a seafood stew. We chose the seafood stew, following an intuitive hunch based on the brief menu description and we weren’t disappointed. Made of a tomato base with chunks of tomato and green bell pepper, as well as shrimp, scallops and pieces of fish, the stew has a slightly sweet taste and is mildly spiced. We were hooked. 

SEARED’s entree selections showcase seafood, and steaks. The seafood offerings include daily options of grouper, walleye swordfish, shrimp and scallops. Diners can select from several described preparation methods, such as grilled, sautéed, blackened or fried, with a variety of toppings, including roasted tomatoes, capers and other complimentary accompaniments. Several pasta dishes are available, including the chicken Alfredo and seafood Alfredo. The seafood pasta incorporates the fresh ingredients found on the menu, including shrimp, scallops, and other fish.

The beef entrees are reasonably priced, ranging from $20 to approximately $35 and the menu identifies the grade as Angus Reserve Prime. Strip, sirloin or ribeye cuts of steak along with a filet are all available with additional add-ons, such as seafood with shrimp, scallops, lobster, etc. 

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Additional menu variety consists of a double bone pork chop (which looked delicious as it passed our table on the way to satisfy another diner) and chicken breast, prepared with mushrooms and caramelized onions. The sides, offered with most entrees, include roasted cauliflower in a tomato based sauce, grilled asparagus topped with shaved Parmesan, as well as baked potatoes, French fries and a macaroni and four cheese blend that is definitely worth a taste. 

Full service, full satisfaction

The full bar includes a variety of draft and craft beers along with a full liquor selection. The wine list is moderate, with six and 9 ounce servings available along with bottles, on a limited list, ranging in price from $25 into the $60 range. Desserts looked tempting and include a dressed up take off on donut holes along with crème brûlée, a chocolate mousse cake and a carrot cake cake.

There were a few missed steps by the staff during our visit,  which were centered mostly around timing of service and some issues with food delivery from the kitchen,  but we are confident that those will quickly be worked out.  

SEARED is a welcome newcomer as a reasonably priced steak and seafood house in the Toledo market; A fulfilling experience; seared in our memory.

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