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Having a Ball with a Humble Instrument

The Grande Royale Ükulelists of the Black Swamp Fun is at the heart of everything the Grande Royale Ükulelists of the Black Swamp (GRÜBS, for short) do. They mow through styles and genres, they switch up their instrumentation, they perform breakneck medleys of four, five, or even six songs at a time – all in

The Duo’s Sonic Collage And Electronic Exploration

This simple statement is at the root of the collaborative work between Maumee-based composer-performer, Tim Story, and German composer-performer, Hans-Joachim Roedelius— “Achim” to his friends. On Friday, May 24 in the Toledo Museum of Art’s Little Theater, these celebrated artists will take the stage together, allowing concertgoers to share in their special artistic bond and