It's Bunny Time

Easter is rapidly approaching, and Toledoans have flocked to area businesses for an opportunity to get their picture taken with the elusive Easter bunny.

One two step

Bananas, goldfish, flying pigs — none of these are particularly show stopping (except, maybe, for the flying pigs)


For me, it's about the numbers. If I can hit my bands-I-want-to-see quota, then the music festival's ticket price is worth it. If not, I probably won't go  — or I'll just have to rationalize with myself until I break. Today, at 1pm, when Weird Al Yankovic announced the 2013 Bonnaroo lineup live on YouTube,

Wedded Bliss

  Beautiful Blooms by Jen, florist Jennifer Linehan, Ohio Certified Florist, The start: Linehan fell in love with floral design after taking a horticulture class as a student at Southview High School; she never looked back, starting her own business in 2012. The method: "We like to do the fun, weird stuff, the succulents

Mozart's greatest hits

As a 24 year old who is more familiar with the boy bands of the 1990s and Ke$ha's greatest hits, I wasn't sure what to expect when I arrived at the Michigan Theatre on Saturday for the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra's Mozart concert. The lights dimmed and I looked around me. The audience began their