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Beer Guide 2023

Beer Primer For beer drinkers and non-beer drinkers alike, understanding the difference between the brews can sometimes be confusing. With the help of local breweries,...

Beer Guide 2022

Whether it comes in a can, a glass, a growler or a keg, Toledo loves its beer. How much do you know about the...

BEER GUIDE 2021 – What Are You Drinking?

Photo by Lance Anderson on Unsplash PILSNER - Named after the Bavarian city of Pilsen, where it was first produced in 1842. The world’s first...


In a can, a glass, a growler or a keg, Toledo loves its beer. Whether you want the best in Ohio craft beer or...

2020 Beer Guide

COUSINO’S STEAKHOUSE Your name: Cory Cousino Your title: VP Business name: Cousino’s Steakhouse Address: 1842 Woodville Rd., Oregon Phone number: 419-693-0862 Website: Hours of operation: 3-9pm, Sunday through...

2019 Beer Guide

Special Advertising Section Crafts, drafts, bottle and cans, Toledo runs on beer. Not sure who’s slinging your suds? Meet these “lager than life” beer lovers. Andrew...

2018 Beer Guide

With crafts, drafts, bottle and cans, Toledo runs on beer. The ultimate beverage, we celebrate or drown our sorrows with it, and we can’t enjoy a ballgame without a cold one. It goes without saying that the local beer purveyors should be some of our favorite people (and they are). Not sure who’s slinging your suds? Here are some lager than life types offering the cure for what ales you:

2017 Beer Guide

*SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION* Hoppin’ to Please How local beer pros set the bar Crafts, drafts, bottle and cans,Toledo runs on beer. It’s the ultimate beverage— we celebrate...

2016 Beer Guide

Here is an ode to that classic drink that allows for toasts, encouraging more as the night goes on.

2014 Beer Guide

Local beer gurus discuss their “ale-ments”

2013 Beer Guide

One of man’s greatest inventions. We here at TCP truly appreciate beer, and felt the need to recognize the local watering holes that serve it best.