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From Denver to Toledo— Wild Things Illuminate Their Family’s Past

Sarah Anderson is the singer and co-creator of the Denver based band, Heavy Diamond Ring, who released their first self-titled album this past June. After a near 13-year run with Denver folk staple Paper Bird, Sarah and guitarist Paul DeHaven launched Heavy Diamond Ring alongside Blake Stepan (bass, vocals), Mike Lang (keys, vocals) and Orion

Oliver Hazard Day Returns!

Music, food, art and beer on Saturday, August 17 As promised the Watervillainous folk trio, Oliver Hazard, is hosting the second annual Oliver Hazard Day in the heart of their town, and the fellas have substantially upped the dosage. Downtown Waterville will be flooded for one night only with stomps and smiles fueled by an

Local Beer, Local Folk, Local Fun at Oliver Hazard Day

Local folk trio Oliver Hazard has recently been steering the development of the first ever fully local craft beer festival to come to Waterville. Rallying the cross-promotion of Toledo area artisans, musicians, and business owners, the city of Waterville is presenting a great time for listening to some knee-slapping serenades. Beer You Say? Nicholas Scott

Oliver Hazard —Heartfelt Folk with 419 Roots

The bandmates recall their musical style, each filling in where the others trail off. Responses, collectively, ramble forward, with the threesome finishing each other’s sentences in an effortless flow of sarcasm, giggles and banter, similar to the way their voices float and blend into one another in song, constantly building off of the other to create silky, simplistic folk overtures.