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143: I Love You— Your love story in 143 words or less

Roses are red Love is a mess Tell us your story in 143 words or less From heartache to heartbreak, to finding your one true love, stories of romance seem to end one of two ways— “happily ever after…” or “f*ck that liar!!!” Think we’re wrong? Prove it by telling us your love story— whatever

Sweet Sounds at Ottawa Tavern

Check out four buzz-worthy local bands as they share the stage at the OT. Hear from indie-emo bands American Spirits, who released their ironically titled second EP “No One Cares About Your Band” back in December; bloom., who’s post-emo tinged single, “goodbye forever,” was released on January 2; bedroom pop act Twin Frames; and singer-songwriter

Rasa After Dark Series

Celebrate some of Toledo’s most talented artists during a delicious evening, live music series, Rasa After Dark. From 8:30-11pm on Thursdays, Rasa will host local artists, flights and cocktails by Toledo Spirits, and more. Admission is free, food and drinks will rotate. Singer Carmer Miller will perform on Thursday, January 17, with B. Wills (1-31),

Lovin’ Is What I Got When Sublime with Rome Comes to Toledo

What did the 1990s sound like? It’s hard to pick a signature sound of the decade, but the fusion of ska, punk, reggae and alternative rock on Sublime’s 1996 self-titled album is a good start. Experience some sonic nostalgia when Sublime with Rome, a collaboration between Sublime’s Eric Wilson and singer and guitarist Rome Ramirez,

Rebecca Louise Law Sticks Around for a GAPP Residency

Last June, British installation artist Rebecca Louise Law arranged over 500,000 fresh and preserved flowers in the Toledo Museum of Art’s Canaday Gallery to create a stunning, floating indoor garden. Using flora from previous installations and plants and flowers native to Toledo sourced by volunteers, her installation, Community, was a breathtaking statement about humanity and