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2018 ARToledo: Chrysalis

Toledo is a great town for developing artists, with boundless opportunities for growth and to exhibit work. Not unlike other mid sized cities, there are also few chances for local artists to enter the larger commercial art market.

Hudson Gallery Hosts New Water Themed Exhibition

Feeling deprived? Hydrate your love for art during Hudson Gallery’s next group exhibition, Water: rivers, lakes and streams. Works by Jan Dyer, Tamara Monk, Thomas Hilty, Susan Morosky, Jean Gumpper, Mary Brodbeck, David Herzig, Travis Taylor and Jan Thomas will serve as an ode to the transformative, restorative and essential element’s power to create and

Hope Olson Exhibit Featured at Fuller Art House

Using rich colors, patterns, and unique perspectives, West Michigan-based artist Hope Olson creates Fauvist-inspired paintings of house and home. See her warm, nostalgic works, informed by Impressionist sensibilities and Manet’s distinct compositional style, during her exhibition at Fuller Art House. Before the July 6th opening reception during the Red Bird Arts District First Friday Art