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The Arts Commission just announced a $10,000 emergency grant program for artists

Artists thrive on events. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of local performances, exhibitions, festivals, and other revenue-generating opportunities for artists have been canceled. For most artists and musicians, this loss is significant— and there has been little recourse to make up the missed funds. Fortunately, The Arts Commission has responded with a new $10,000 grant program. 

Pour Yourself A Drink— Then Tip Adams Street Bartenders

UPDATE: To tip other area bartenders, check out the TOLEDO/SE MICHIGAN SERVICE INDUSTRY VIRTUAL TIP JAR that Gabi Kiss shared with us on Facebook. For the service industry, booze-filled holidays like St. Patrick’s Day feel like Christmas. Pub crawls bring in fantastic crowds, with spirited visitors buying, and tipping, more than usual.  This year is different,

TARTA in the age of social distancing

For many Toledoans, public transportation is a necessity. According to a 2015 transportation survey conducted by The Ability Center of Greater Toledo, 19.1% of respondents reported using services from the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority (TARTA) regularly.  According to survey respondents, most trips are for medical appointments, shopping and work, with the core demographic including

Want to get out of the house? Donate blood

Are you feeling antsy? You aren’t alone. While “social distancing” is an ethical imperative, state-mandated solitude is also lonely and difficult. If you are looking for an equally-ethical reason to get out of the house, then go donate some blood. It’s needed now more than ever.  Since the coronavirus pandemic began to grow in the