Women in Business 2024: Pam Lloyd-Camp of Boyd’s Retro Candy


954 Phillips Ave.



Boyd’s Retro Candy is a true old time candy store where you’ll find candy from all time periods. Specializing in the 50s, 60s and 70s but satisfying candy lovers of every generation, patrons can purchase by the individual piece or in bulk. Take home some candy for you and your loved ones, treat your party or wedding guests to the corner store loves of your childhood, make special retro gift bags for gatherings and more. With over 1,000 candy choices, Boyd’s Retro Candy provides a unique sweet spot for Toledo. Owner Pam Lloyd-Camp talks about her routine and advice.

Morning: Drink Bawls energy drink, let my dog out, get breakfast going. Do laundry, check my email. Do my back exercises, listen to my religious programs.

Work: Handle responding to emails and Google reviews, oversee employees ordering candy, cleaning the counters and restocking the shelves.

Evening: Listen to my religious programs, work on genealogy. Take medicine for my back, settle into bed.

“Believe in yourself. If something strikes you as interesting and that’s what gets you motivated, go with it. Stick with it; don’t let anyone stop you and don’t listen to the naysayers. Just keep going, and if your heart is in it, you’ll be a success.”

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