Monday, April 15, 2024

Women in Business 2024: Nikki Gillig of Gillig Winery

Owner/General Manager

1720 Northridge Road, Findlay


Gillig Winery is the first winery in Findlay, providing a relaxing atmosphere where guests can enjoy many good times with family and friends. Gillig Winery is a family-owned winery offering its own handcrafted wines from vineyards around the world. Each wine is produced and bottled in the Findlay location. Owner Nikki Gillig talks about starting the winery with her husband, balancing work and her children and advice for women.

Morning: Have ginger lemon tea, read the newspaper. Drink coffee, do my workout videos.

Work: Different every day. Make sure everything runs smoothly. Check in with my managers and employees. Bottle wine, sharpen knives, check the kitchen, clean the store. Talk to guests.

Evening: Go to my kids’ sporting events, cook dinner. Read my book, drink my wine, work on coursework to improve my skills.

“If you have a dream or a passion, someone put that there. Some days I question, ‘What am I doing?’ and those first few years especially, and then I have days that I see the smiles on our guests, I see my managers developing into awesome leaders, I see my kids and the work ethic that we have shown them by having the winery. If you’re feeling it, then look into it. It’s definitely possible and your dreams can be achieved.”

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