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The Modern Dance Company explores catharsis and duality

Yin and Yang— which play crucial roles in Taoist philosophy— permeate modern culture with a duality that is clear and evocative: dark and light, fiery and calm. The forces, not antagonists, are complements that reflect one another as The Human Experience Modern Dance Company’s “contemporary cabaret” comes to the Toledo Rep’s 10th Street Stage. Co-founders Ashley Hill and Allie Batey bring their vision and commitment to The Revenge Art Show, a cathartic exploration of Yin and Yang. In partnership with the Toledo Rep, guest musicians and Toledo artists will explore Yin and Yang through fine and performing arts.

The interplay

Lead choreographer Ashley Hill likens the title to “the interplay of ‘Revenge’ and ‘Art.’” Not only can “The Revenge Art Show” have a comical or serious meaning, but it also evokes the idea that art is “an expression that complements mental health.”

Dance will not be the only art form on display as, the audience will experience visual works from artist Monique Embry, solos by violist Quinn Murphy and singer Taylor Kiffel while the cabaret will also feature a variety of smaller performances, between the troughs of Yin and the peaks of Yang. The show is a “dialogue of how dark gives rise to light,” says Hill, with specific mention of a vignette exploring the difference between a person’s actions and the thoughts that spurred them.

Spotlight on the audience

The Revenge Art Show distinguishes itself, as the audience is part of any artistic performance. Suitably, the show begins casually, as the performers warm up. Eventually, that private, “behind the scenes” aesthetic morphs into the first piece and the audience transitions from unacknowledged voyeur to welcomed recipients of artistic work.

A portion of the performance’s proceeds will benefit the Toledo Repertoire Theatre and it’s central role in Toledo artistic life. Proceeds will also support THE Company’s mission to reach out to the community, looking for opportunities to assist other area non-profits as well as to create a scholarship program for dance classes or other artistic pursuits.

Hill, hopes the audience takeaways from The Revenge Art Show include a positive artistic experience, “you just come away from it loving yourself a little more,” adding “you want people to think and you also want them to feel like they’ve come through highs and lows all together.”

7pm | Saturday, April 27 | $17-$19.75
The Toledo Repertoire Theatre 10th St Stage,
16 10th St. | 419-243-9277 |


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