Introducing the All-New Toledo City Podcast

. February 22, 2019.

Varied Important Conversations with Northwest Ohio’s Most Interesting People

Because we’re a community outlet bent on sharing the city’s go-to events, restaurants, shows and scenes, we figured we could flex on some multimedia storytelling with a podcast* of our very own.

*Poof* Toledo City Podcast is alive. Tune in each week as our staff interviews the most interesting people doing the most interesting things in, around or tangentially connected to Toledo.

In the first episode Markie Miller, an organizer with Toledoans for Safe Water, demystifies the Lake Erie Bill of Rights in anticipation for its reckoning during the city’s special election on February 26. Miller breaks down what the initiative is, how it will lead to a clean Lake Erie and why the attack ads funded by Big Ag lobbyists are complete bullshit (like what the companies paying for these attack ads are literally dumping into our lake).

The entire thing is only 14 minutes long to start so you’ll have plenty of time to divert your attention to whatever it is you divert your attention to when you’re pretending you’re working. Plus, we hosted the new Toledo City Podcast on Soundcloud so you don’t have to download any annoying apps you’ll end up deleting later. You’ll thank us someday.

*Any complaints about this podcast’s quality must be submitted in writing along with a local restaurant gift card of your choice.”

  • Cynthianna Matthews

    Great interview! Markie really explains the Lake Erie Bill of Rights well. It’s what Toledoans need to ensure we don’t suffer another August 2014.