Saturday, April 20, 2024

Toledo City Podcast: EcoFest Toledo Founders Hype Local Sustainability

In this week’s episode, EcoFest founders Addie Farris and Melissa Greene Hopfer discuss recycling pizza boxes (A: only if they’re not greasy!), the proliferation of self-storage, how conscious consumption and rain gardens.

Their hotly anticipated zero-waste sustainability event, EcoFest, happens on April 13 at Handmade Toledo (1717 Adams) for FREE NINETY NINE.

Pour over the complete details about EcoFest’s workshops, local food, kid’s activities, and vendors and definitely make plans to go.

Today’s podcast music is “government funded weed” by Black Ant from the Free Music Archive, CCO License.

*All qualms about this podcast’s quality must be submitted in writing, along with a valid gift card from a restaurant of your choice. (We’re not picky, just hungry.)*

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