Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Adams Street Publishing Company Wins Four 2023 Touchstone Awards

At Adams Street Publishing Company, we are so proud of the work our entire staff and collection of freelancers do to put together our print publications and websites.

As such, we want to give a huge congratulations to our ASPC family who brought home four wins at the 2023 Press Club of Toledo Touchstone Awards.

Arts & Entertainment Non-Daily:

“Vod’s Here Creates Connection Through Mindful Crafting” by Riley Runnells https://toledocitypaper.com/art-to-heart/vods-here-creates-connection-through-mindful-crafting/

Social Media:
Libby Cassidy and Riley Runnells, ASPC TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@adamsstreetpublishing
Sean Nestor
Sean Nestor giving his acceptance speech.

Hard News Non-Daily:

“Black History Is American History” by Sean Nestor
Feature Non-Daily:

“Kids at Work: Toledo Restaurants Run Family Businesses” by Mary Rose Kulczak https://toledoparent.com/features/kids-at-work-toledo-restaurants-run-family-businesses/ 

Thank you to everyone who supports our media. We couldn’t do this without you and appreciate your readership!

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