Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Twisted Tales: Local author makes a splash with new book

Having ideas is one thing – but putting those ideas to paper is a different ball game.

Meet Paul Ieson, an author from Milbury, Ohio who took the leap of faith to write his own collection of stories entitled Swamp Dust: Four Twisted Tales. In this 547-page adventure, Paul takes his personal experiences and intertwines them with science fiction that includes magic, time travel, and talking dragons.

Four tales
The book consists of four different short stories that Paul describes as quick and entertaining. “As the stories are read, it feels like I am telling you a story while sitting around,” says Paul.

The first story, “Twisted Life,” connects with the reader’s emotions through pain, despair, and loss. Based on Paul’s past life experiences, the main character in this story strives for a normal life but an alien species manipulates his well-being.

“Haunted” shares ghost stories from around Milbury, OH, and Lake Township. Paul connected with local residents through Facebook and gathered inspiration from their paranormal encounters.

“UnFreaking Believable” is a fantasy-fiction piece that takes place in modern day with a talking dragon, while “Immortals Among Us” takes you to a magic world where both immortal and mortal beings lead double lives as witches.

About the Author
Growing up in northwest Ohio, Paul always had a knack for creativity. Throughout his high school years, he got his creative juices flowing in English classes, writing short-stories that both his classmates and his teachers loved. From there, he continued his education at Penta Career Center, majoring in graphic communication where he was introduced to Black Swamp radio. Even though he formed valuable relationships with creative people, Paul knew his true passion was writing.

“Those people were so talented. I used my own creativity while drawing from their positive energy, to begin writing Swamp Dust,” Paul says.

In the late 90s, Paul finally began writing “Immortals Among Us,” taking nearly 11 years to finish as he ventured across the country. “I was all over the place,” he says. “Some of it was written by a mountain in Sedona and some of it was written in Baton Rouge,” he adds.

Fast forward several years to 2020, where a determined Paul buckled down and finished writing the other three stories in the novel in two months.

Where Can I Get a Copy?
The book was published in December 2020 and is currently available for $18.54 on Amazon.com and at Deb’s Body Jewelry and More in Northwood, OH. “I would like as many people to enjoy the novel as possible,” says Paul. “If 10,000 people buy this novel, that’s fine. I just want people to enjoy my work.”

When you’re finished reading Swamp Dust: Four Twisted Tales, you can look ahead to the sequel: Swamp Dust 2 is already in the works. If you’d like to get in touch with Paul, you can find him via Facebook or by emailing him.

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