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A Bloody Good Read: BG author conjures supernatural tale

Nichole Craig’s family has always had a thing for the supernatural. When she was in tenth grade, her parents took her on a trip to St. Augustine’s in Florida, a location known for its ghost tours. It has always been a fun aspect of growing up, though Craig herself is still on the fence about

From ditch digger to entrepreneur— Ken Rusk shares his insights

“Years and years ago, we had something called shop class in our high schools,” said Ken Rusk, owner of Everdry Waterproofing of Toledo. “That got replaced, back in the 80’s, by rooms of computers. Which is fine, because we needed to learn those skills. At the same time, (however), it eliminated the chance for a

2020 Ode to the ZIP Code

Your ZIP code is more than just your address— it’s part of your identity.  The Toledo City Paper has made an effort to express that point since 2016, when we joined The Fair Housing Center, The Arts Commission, the Toledo Lucas County Public Library and (new this year!) Toledo Area Parent in asking Toledoans to submit