Sunday, June 16, 2024

Steven Athanas Takes An Outside Perspective With Exhibit “Let’s Pretend He’s Dead”

From Tom Sawyer to Empire Records to Tuesdays with Morrie, the idea of faking a funeral to gain a new perspective— and perhaps a bit of unedited critical feedback— is as tempting as it is old. While local artist Steven Athanas isn’t planning to fake a funeral, he is inviting you to a sort of living wake during his solo exhibit, Let’s Pretend He’s Dead.

“My art tends to orbit around three basic topics: perspective, learning and change,” explained Athanas. “My perspective, I feel, is more of a nontraditional one. I’m always trying to see things from that skewed angle.”

On view through June 2.

Flatlanders Art Galleries | 11993 E. US-223, Blissfield, MI
517-486-4591 |

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