2nd Annual Perrysburg Outdoor Sculpture Walk gets ready to open

The city of Perrysburg is showcasing their appreciation of art and their support of hard working artists by hosting their second annual Outdoor Sculpture Walk — an interactive art exhibit that features artwork from nationally and internationally acclaimed artists. The 2022-23 exhibit is hosted by Main ART-ery and includes artwork from artists across the nation.

What is Main ART-ery?

Main ART-ery is a single source arts and entertainment business that coordinates and manages art and entertainment events in and around the Perrysburg area. Main ART-ery manages many local events such as the Music at the Market Concert Series, the Wednesday at Woodlands Concert Series, and the Perrysburg Outdoor Sculpture Walk. 

Outdoor Sculpture Walk

The Outdoor Sculpture Walk debuted in 2021 and was curated by Robin Ballmer, the Director of Main ART-ery. The exhibit is designed to be accessible to the public throughout the entirety of the year. The artwork is laid out to be a walking destination during the warm months, and a driving destination during the cold months of the year. The artworks are also available to be viewed at night, with LED lights illuminating each of the pieces. 

The new lineup of sculptures includes a variety of original artwork of different styles and unique mediums such as clay, urethane, hand-cut steel, bronze, hand painted work, computer generated work and much more. This year’s artwork includes two kinetic works, interactive sculptures and many thought-provoking pieces.

These pieces have come from five different states and include work from many local area artists such as Mark Chatterley, Robert Garcia, James Havens, Shawn Morin, Pam Reithmeier, Mike Sohikian, and Ken Thompson. The full list of selected artists can be viewed on the Main ART-ery website.

Intentions for Exhibit 

The Perrysburg Sculpture Walk was first curated by Main ART-ery in 2021 with the intention of making art available and accessible to all. With the multitude of art designs and styles there is something for everyone to enjoy within the exhibit.

“We want to have art accessible to those who may not ordinarily seek it out,” said Ballman in a virtual interview.

As the director of Main ART-ery, Ballman hopes to attract viewers from all around the area to venture out to Perrysburg for this unique outdoor exhibit. 

“I would like for Perrysburg to become a destination for cultural tourism and have people discover the beauty of the city. For some people the exhibit is an introduction to art and an entryway to appreciate the artwork and the artists,” she said.

The artwork for this year’s exhibit will be on display until August 2023 and Ballman encourages everyone to come out and spend time enjoying the exhibit. 

Artwork Installation Open to the Public 

The 17 pieces of artwork from last year’s exhibit will be removed and the 16 new pieces will be installed during the week of August 22-26 at around 8:00am to 2:00pm each day and everyone is invited to watch the process.

Sculptor and Installation Director Mike Sohikian will direct the artists/sculpture pick-ups, the unloading of the new pieces, and the installation of the new sculptures with a telehandler provided by Southeastern Equipment. The telehandler will be used to carefully lift, carry, and set the artwork.

Although the artwork will be installed during this time, the official opening for the Sculpture Walk is set for September 1, 2022. 

The exhibit is funded by the Perrysburg Convention and Visitors Bureau and is supported by the City of Perrysburg. 

If you are interested in an individual or group tour of the exhibit, you are encouraged to contact Main ART-ery director Robin Ballman at [email protected]

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