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Toledo According To Stephen Black

Writer/producer/photographer/visual artist Years lived in Toledo: I was born in Toledo in the last century. I have always returned here, but I have been away a lot. My story, in one sentence: I like working with people, words and devices, anywhere, anytime. One song lyric to describe my ideal self: “Won’t get fooled again.” The

Toledo According To The Shakin’ Shivers

Muddy Shutters Years lived in Toledo: I’ve been an official Toledoan for 2.5 years, (but I grew up in Whitehouse, OH) Occupation: Local Toledo musician and graduate teaching assistant @ the University of Toledo Story in one sentence: I was born, I learned to walk, and I haven’t stopped moving forward ever since. Song lyric

Toledo According To Ashley (Nowak) Hill and Allie Batey

Let’s Dance Co-founders of THE Modern Dance Company share their Toledo stories Ashley (Nowak) Hill   Years lived in Toledo: approximately 35 My story, in one sentence: Art is Love. Most people know me for: my passion for dance and art. I wish more people knew me for: my passion for championing causes that affect

TOLEDO ACCORDING TO… Midwest Juicery’s Ziad Burkett

Occupation: Owner of Midwest Juicery Years lived in Toledo: My entire life Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies is the place in Toledo I’m most proud of. The best meal I had in Toledo was the omakase at Kengo. Taste of the Nation is my favorite annual event. A business Toledo needs (but doesn’t have) is