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Local Voices That Matter

The Community Solidarity Response Network of Toledo organized a rally on Saturday, May 30 held in front of the Safety Building which houses the offices of the Toledo Police Department.  The rally was to protest unchecked violence against Black citizens. Inspired by the recent murders of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, Breonna Taylor in Louisville and

Lake Erie: Dead or Alive

The Lake Erie Bill of Rights (LEBOR) – an innovative new law that grants legal personhood to Lake Erie with the intent of enabling stronger legal action against its polluters— is widely seen as Toledo’s frustrated response to government inaction. The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has always had the ability to enforce provisions of the

Bluff Street Village: Tiny Homes, Big Hearts

Bluff Street is a ghost town. Every lot stands empty, with all but one uninhabited home now demolished. Like many streets in the Monroe/Auburn neighborhood in which it resides, it has suffered from decades of poverty, blight, and disinvestment. Across from Bluff Street are two entities that took notice. Monroe Street United Methodist Church and

Toledo According To Reem Subei

You may be hearing a lot this year about Reem Subei. She’s a civil rights attorney for Advocates for Basic Legal Equity (ABLE) who is running for state senate in District 2, which encompasses most of Toledo’s suburbs. Despite the delay of the Ohio primary election until June 2, mandated by the Director of the

Toledo According To Brittany Jones

TCP caught up with Brittany Jones, newly elected Chair of the Urban Agriculture Alliance of Lucas County, to hear what’s sprouting in the vegetable world. As a third-year PhD student in the Spatially Integrated Social Sciences program at UT, with a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from Wayne State University, Jones grafts science and academia