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Airborne celebration

Maumee Bay State Park is a top ten U.S. kite flying venue because of its wide open spaces (no kite-eating trees!) and Lake Erie wind currents.

Get on the bus

The Toledo Zoo’s Music Under the Stars is a longstanding summer tradition, back this year to public acclaim after a one-year hiatus. And TARTA is teaming up with the zoo to get you to your relaxing evening concert in style.

In the hunt

Get on the trail of some treasure, meet some cool people and explore your downtown, as the Chamber of Commerce’s EPIC Toledo presents the first-ever T-Town Dash on Thursday, July 12.

Becoming socially savvy

Gentle-Image Consultant Rita Taylor-Teplitsky has some good advice for singles looking to date. “Even the way you position your legs can make a difference when you’re on a date.”

Hobson’s choice

Freedom of choice. From our earliest days of civics training, we are told that’s what makes a democracy — the freedom to choose our representatives in self-governance. Those who yearn to represent us put themselves forward as candidates, and we get the freedom tochoose from among these worthy gentle folk. Freedom predicated upon a splendid