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Music for Healing: Toledo’s Heavy Color scores documentary

Image courtesy of Jacob Knoblaugh Transcendent is a lofty word to apply to a piece of music, or its songwriters. But one really can’t resist the word when listening to a piece by Heavy Color— the Toledo-based avant-psychedelia/electronica duo made up of songwriters, producers and multi-instrumentalists Ben Cohen and Sam Woldenberg. Their newest release is

​A voice for podcasting

Gilbert Gottfried is a veteran comedian, actor and voice-actor, famous for his voluminous outbursts. But, as he established his own Internet presence last year with a podcast and the occasional provocative Twitter quips, he’s redefining his view on what it means, these days, to be outraged.    Whether onstage doing stand-up, roasting celebrities or dropping

Rat farmers

I didn’t know it before I listened to Rat Farm, but I’d been listening to the Meat Puppets for almost my entire life.