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Saluting a Legend: Toledo’s Tropic Bombs remember a fallen friend

  Vocalist/Drummer Ryan Wayton in Tropic Bombs’ home studio. Image courtesy of Tanner Wertz. Toledo has a rich history of local, regional, and national acts playing venues all across town like Frankie’s Inner-City, The Ottawa Tavern, Headliners, The Omni, etc. This history would not be complete without the Rock/Reggae/Funk powerhouse Tropic Bombs, who was awarded

Toledo According to Chris “Peapod” Daher

Chris “Peapod” Daher of the “On The Radar” Podcast and 100.7 The Zone. Image courtesy of Jake Weber. In June 2014, Chris “Peapod” Daher started “On The Radar” on radio station 100.7 The Zone to highlight Toledo’s music scene. In 2017, Peapod took the show to the podcast platform. In November, the 100th episode of