Monday, July 22, 2024

O-I honors recycling day with new center for recycling glass

O-I Glass, Inc. is celebrating America Recycles Day on November 15 by opening a new glass recycling drop-off center at its Perrysburg headquarters.

The center will feature a commercial recycling container maintained by Rumpke Recycling. All glass collected there will be transported to Rumpke’s facilities in Dayton for sorting and processing.

The installation of the drop-off center is one part of O-I’s efforts to improve the nation’s glass recycling system. The company is also working to educate consumers with a “#WhyIRecycle” campaign on its social media channels.

The drop-off accepts all glass bottles and food jars/containers for recycling. Items such as windows, light bulbs, mirrors and more cannot be recycled there.

The recycling container is located outside the O-I Plaza 3 building, located at 1890 Wilkinson Way in Perrysburg.

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