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The Ghost Doctor Is In: An Evening with Ghost Behaviorist Chris Bores

On Saturday, October 30th, Chris Bores— Toledo’s own self-professed Ghost Behaviorist— will be giving a presentation at Maumee Bay Brewing Company. The event is $60 per person and includes dinner and a chance to mingle with the spirits that live in the Oliver House.  

Tracing Patterns
Ghost hunting, as it’s often called, is a type of sport for some people. The thrill of communicating with the dead is especially prevalent during this time of year. Toledo’s Chris Bores, however, takes a different approach in how he goes about communicating with the spirit world. 

“I used to be a big fan of the ghost hunting shows on Sci Fi, but I noticed them hitting a wall,” Bores explains. “They didn’t know how to get past the sticking point of ghost communication.” Much of Bores’ influence comes from the Tibetan Book of the Dead— a Bhuddist text intended to help the reader make peace with the afterlife. “After reading the Tibetan Book of the Dead, I noticed a pattern, and thought that if I brought psychology into it, I might be able to go further than other ghost hunters have gone,” says Bores.  

The Backstory
Having spent time as a tour guide at the Collingwood Arts Center— a local hot spot for ghost enthusiasts, Bores was able to hone his craft. “It was there that I figured out what makes them tick, what’s in the minds of the spirits,” he explains.

Back in 2012, Bores visited the St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida. Known for a long history of paranormal encounters, the Lighthouse attracts ghost hunters and enthusiasts from around the world. “I was able to get a 90 minute interaction with one of the spirits there,” says Bores. “The tour guide was floored, and I got him on tape saying that he’s never seen anything like it.” 

Asking the Right Questions
The use of psychology, sociology, and even quantum physics is what separates Bores from the others. When ghost hunters use electromagnetic field detectors, they typically ask the spirits ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions to see if the meter will jump. Bores tells us that “Usually other ghost hunters will ask questions like ‘Are you happy here?’ and ‘Are you safe?’ When I was in St. Augustine, I would ask questions like ‘Are there things you’re not allowed to tell us?’” With this type of approach, Bores has dubbed himself the first ever Ghost Behaviorist. 

Asking questions in this way, Bores believes that there is a hierarchy in the afterlife, and that there is still a lot that we can uncover about the nature of the spirit world.

New Documentary
The demonstration at the Oliver House on October 30th will be the first of its kind in over a decade. “They liked my approach, so they invited me to put on this presentation,” says Bores. A documentary about the ghosts in the Oliver House can be found on Bores’ YouTube Channel Ghost Doctor. “I expected to get about ten minutes of usable footage, but we wound up with about 40 minutes,” says Bores. 

The event on October 30th will be a presentation of his findings and a breakdown of his approach.  

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